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Casually or on purpose you have reached the site of Lucio Margherita. You are most welcome here and I hope we shall be friends.

The Rising Sun Chair, by Lucio MargheritaI am a retired Earth scientist by (paid) profession and an active writer by (unpaid) motivations. I am Italian, I have a Canadian passport and I live in Paris. I have written three books and a stack of other papers, published here and there, on several issues including technical ones.

My latest work is a fictional novel called The Rising Sun Chair. I define it ‘picaresque’; a term that I discuss in these pages. Should the title also intrigue you, I prompt you to read the anecdote shrouding that History loaded piece of furniture, preserved in Philadelphia, which elicited the metaphor of my title. As you progress through the site, you will find:

  • A short (very short) summary of my intents and purpose.
  • A brief account of my life insofar as it influenced my writing.
  • A presentation of my English novel.
  • A form that you may fill to get in touch with me, should you wish to do so.

Because of my education and nomadic professional life I am acquainted with more than one working environment and context. In a few months, you may find on this site (when it is fully developed) pages in a language different from yours. Don’t let this affright you. Cultural disparity should awake people’s interest in each another, not increment their reticence. I wish this site will lead in that direction.